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Bathrobes as Holiday Gifts—Thoughtful, Meaningful, Delightful

Kids Robes

Whether you observe your holidays with a twinkling, tinseled evergreen, the promising light of a menorah, or the warm glow of a kinara, December is a month for celebrating. It’s a meaningful time—full of the promise of joy, of family, of heritage, of wishes coming true. And of course, full of stress! All that planning, preparation, and shopping. And all those special people in your life for whom you want to choose the absolutely perfect gift, but you have no idea what that could be. You haven’t got the imagination—or the time—to find the right way to show them how much they mean to you!

Here’s an idea—bathrobes! Bathrobes would be a welcome gift to anyone on your list, large or small, elegant or laid-back, high-energy or couch potato. By choosing from a selection of different bathrobes to suit different personalities, you can get a gift that’s personal, thoughtful, and comfortable—one that they’ll appreciate more than a necktie or a scarf—and, if you like, you can shop right from your own home, no fighting traffic and crowds! You can actually find more time to enjoy your holiday!

Know someone who can use a little more comfort in their lives? Maybe a brand-new mom, a college student, or a hard-working wage slave who’d just like to do some hard-core relaxing when she’s at home. Out of all the different varieties of bathrobes, a Plush robe would probably be the best choice for them. It’s a light lounging robe, usually weighing in at only 2 pounds, and the plush bathrobes made out of a microfiber fleece fabric are especially soft, luxurious, and warm. Perfect for the chill of fall and winter.

If there are some multi-taskers on your list, dual-purpose bathrobes, or spa robes, would be good gifts for them. They’re dual purpose because they have a smooth, silky-soft exterior made of brushed microfiber twill fabric, and a lining of cotton/polyester terry for absorbency after a bath, swim, or workout. Even with the extra layer, it’s still only about 3 pounds, so you can still look sleek and elegant in one of these spa bathrobes. It’s the best all-around robe, and it’s the robe that 5-star resorts and spas use for their guests.

Maybe there’s someone on your list who appreciates a touch of practicality in his bathrobes. For that person, a super-absorbent terry robe would be a perfect gift. For anyone who wants to step into the shower, get clean, and step out, the sponge-like quality of terry bathrobes are so thirsty, you can even skip the bath towel! There are some varieties made from a cotton/rayon blend, where the rayon is created from bamboo fibers so that the bathrobes are not only absorbent, but soft, luxurious, and green! What a nice idea for the eco-conscious people on your gift list. And the bamboo fabric is naturally anti-bacterial, so that bathrobes made out of it won’t acquire that mildewy smell if they’re not dried right away.

With so many different possibilities, plus the fact that all bathrobes come in a selection of colors and sizes that will suit anyone, everyone will agree that bathrobes are the perfect gift. You’ll be pleased with your choices, and they’ll be thrilled. It puts the “happy” in Happy Holidays!

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