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Luxury Hotel and Spa Robes

Designed for 5-star Hotels & Resorts

Why Choose a Plush Necessities Robe?

  • Finest microfiber fabric and Exceptional workmanship

  • Get the Perfect Fit with 8 adult sizes (XXS to 3XL)

  • Fast Free Shipping + Hassle-free Returns

Luxury Hotel Robes

Designed for 5-star Resorts & Spas

  • Finest fleece fabric and Exceptional workmanship

  • Get the Perfect Fit with 8 adult sizes (XXS to 3XL)

  • Fast Free Shipping + Hassle-free Returns

As perfect for chilly mornings as it is for cozy evenings in front of the fire...

Made of delicate superfine microfiber, our plush and spa robes are softer than those offered at five-star hotels and spas. Lose yourself in the pure sensuous softness of this microfiber bathrobe. It's delightfully'll never want to take it off.

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Hooded Terry
Plush Microfiber
Spa Style
Organic Terry

Superior Quality & Durability

We use a higher stitch count to ensure superior strength and durability at every seam. Our stitches per inch are as much as 50-60% more than most robes - ensuring that our robes are truly built to last for years to come.

Exceptional Craftsmanship

It takes hours of meticulous tailoring and sewing to create a robe that fits and flows naturally with the body. Every single detail, from creating a beautifully trimmed cuff to making the inner seams as smooth as possible is thought through with careful attention.

Warm and Cozy. It is oh so soft.....

Made with super fine and delicate microfiber fleece, our Plush Signature Robe is one of the warmest and softest robe you'll find.  

The Name fits Perfectly...Pure Bliss

"I ordered this robe after visiting a hotel and wearing the robe provided in the room. The long, heavy, warm and comfy robe is wonderful and its name is perfect, it is pure bliss. I could just sit around in it all day long."

Kerry S.

3 FEB 2020, Washington, DC

Best Robe EVER

"My Plush Necessities robe is truly the best robe I’ve ever owned...heck the best robe I’ve ever worn...and that includes at spas and hotels. Very, very happy with the purchase. Delivery was quick and accurate."

Kirk D.

JAN 2020, Portland, OR


"Used this robe at a hotel while on vacation in Niagara Falls. My husband fell in love with it so I bought one for his birthday. He loves it. Makes him feel like he's on vacation every time he wears it. Shipping was fast."

Bridget Brown.

JUL 2020, Owego, NY

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