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How To Use a Bathrobe

How to Use a Bathrobe

One of the best things about  bathrobes is they can be used in a variety of settings. From baths to lounging around your home, to days at the spa and more, most robes can be useful for many occasions. Below are some ideas for how to get the most use and comfort from your robe. 

After Baths

One of the most obvious ways to enjoy your bathrobe is after a bath and using it in place of bath towels. Robes can be great for providing warmth and comfort after a hot bath (or shower), especially ones made with extra absorbent material such as terry cloth or turkish cotton since these are most similar to a bath towel. Once you’re wrapped up in your perfect bathrobe, take your time lounging in your bathrobe while you read a book or enjoy tea or a favorite beverage. 

Lazy Weekends

While bathrobes are great for after baths, many people wear bathrobes for lazy weekends at home. As soon as you wake up you can slip into your robe (using it as a dressing gown or house clothes), make coffee, and enjoy a slow-paced morning. Eat breakfast, watch TV, or sprawl out on your sofa. Bathrobes make it incredibly easy to unwind from a long work week and provide ultimate comfort on both warm and cold days. For an extra touch, consider pampering yourself with a face mask or manicure while wearing your robe. 

Cozy Date Nights at Home

The next time you’re planning a date night with your partner, consider staying home and surprising them with a couples robe as a gift. The two of you can cook a romantic dinner together while wearing your matching robes and then watch a movie. Plus, cozy date nights at home while you wear a robe made from ultra-soft material always make for an intimate, special evening. 

Days at the Spa

Plan on going to the spa for a day? Bathrobes provide the ultimate level of relaxation. You can wear your robe between treatments, while you relax in the lounge, or while walking to the sauna or steam room.  

During Hotel Stays

During a hotel stay, a bathrobe adds an extra layer of luxury and comfort to your experience. You can wear the robe while you lounge in your room or after you take a bath. You can even wear it while walking to the hotel pool or spa. If you’re going to a hotel with a romantic partner, you can each wear bathrobes while you lounge around the hotel together. Bathrobes can also be the ideal outfit choice while enjoying coffee on the balcony on cold mornings. Regardless of when you wear a bathrobe, it will make your hotel stay feel extra-pampered. 

During Your Bedtime Routine

An easy way to ensure you get to wear your bathrobe on a daily basis is by wearing it every evening. This can be after dinner when you’re unwinding from the day and getting ready for bed (wearing it as pajamas). 

Luxury Bathrobes From Plush Necessities

Bathrobes are the ultimate gift of luxury and relaxation. We offer the perfect robes for both men and women all year-round. We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all, which is why we offer several sizes to choose from to get you the best fit possible. At Plush Necessities, our robes provide incredible softness and undeniable quality consisting of detailed craftsmanship and durability. 

Find out what sets our robes apart. 

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