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Top Robe Styles For Men From Classic To Contemporary

Ready to elevate your relaxation game? The right robe can make all the difference in how quickly and easily you unwind after a long day. But before you go to grab linen robes, Turkish cotton robes, a flannel robe, a silk robe, long staple Turkish cotton robes, or others, it helps to know which ones are top quality.

Because after all, you don’t just want any ordinary robe - you deserve the best. We’ve got you covered with our below picks for the top robe styles for men.

Best Bathrobes For Men

Best For Warmth: Plush Signature Robe

Material: Microfiber plush fleece that is thick and warm yet lightweight
Sizes: XXS - 3XL
Colors: Pale Blue, Charcoal, Almond

The best robe for overall warmth is the Plush Signature Robe. It’s tailored to provide you with unparalleled comfort and luxury, made from a signature fleece fabric and meticulously designed. It also boasts 1.6 times more stitches per inch, giving you unparalleled durability. With inside ties to secure the robe from falling open, you can move around freely as you make your morning coffee and scroll through the latest news on your phone. It also has large side pockets that can hold a notebook, phone, or other items as you unwind after a long day. For any man who values quality craftsmanship and warmth, this robe should be your go-to.

Mens Robes image

Best For Hotel: Luxe Robe

Material: Brushed microfiber twill (outside) / cotton-poly blend french terry (inside)
Sizes: XS - 3XL
Colors: Sandstone, Aqua, White

Looking for the best robe to wear at a hotel (or for a luxury vibe at home)? Look no further than the Luxe Robe. Crafted with the ultimate level of sophistication in mind, it features a dual-layer outer belt to ensure secure closure and interior pockets providing discreet storage for your wallet and other valuables. It’s also been pre-washed and preshrunk for a long-lasting fit, and has generously cut shoulders and sleeves to provide a roomy feel. The densely packed French terry lining also keeps you dry and cozy.

Designed for both practicality and indulgence, this robe gives you a full-length cut that falls between the calf and ankle, offering ample coverage and freedom of movement. Finished with soft microfiber fabric, this robe is the epitome of luxury loungewear.

Luxe Robes

Best Terry Cloth: Hooded Terry Robe

Material: Terry cloth inside, waffle weave outside, 100% cotton
Sizes: XXS - 3XL
Colors: White, Navy Blue

The Hooded Terry Robe is perfect for men who want a robe that provides dual functionality. The super-soft terry cloth is designed to whisk away moisture and dry you off quickly after every shower, serving as the best bath towel replacement. With double-sided fabric (waffle weave cotton on the outside and absorbent terry cloth weave on the inside), you get the best of both worlds for relaxation and practicality.

Unlike other terry robes on the market, it has a generously sized hood that adds an extra layer of warmth, ensuring you stay dry and comfortable while wearing it. Made with 100% cotton fabric, it guarantees a soft and breathable feel against your skin.

Hooded Terry Robe

Best For Larger Size: Organic Terry Robe

Material: 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton
Sizes: XXS - 3XL
Colors: White, Slate

While every Plush Necessities Robe is designed for all sizes (both large and small), the Organic Terry Robe is a solid choice for men who care about sustainable comfort and need a larger size. Crafted from 100% GOTS organic cotton, you’ll get a plush and absorbent terry cloth texture that is perfect for drying off quickly post-shower or bath. The generous shawl collar adds another level of relaxation, making this cotton robe ideal for your daily routine.

Organic Terry Robe

Ways To Use Your Men’s Robe

A men’s robe is a great addition to your loungewear collection. Below are some specific examples of ways you can enjoy it regularly:

  • Lounging at home any day of the week
  • After a show or bath
  • Relaxing after work or before going to bed
  • Keeping warm during colder seasons
  • At the spa or sauna
  • During your morning routine
  • Comfortable leisurewear around the house

Need Help Finding The Best Men’s Robe?

Our Robe Comparison Guide can help you determine which Plush Necessities robe is best for your needs. Whether you want terry couples bathrobes that replace towels or a robe known for its warmth, we have the best options for every type of use.

How To Wash Your Men’s Robe

Keep your robe in the best shape possible by following the washing and drying instructions. The exact care instructions will depend on the specific robe material you select:

Cotton Robes

Machine wash your cotton dressing gown with dark colors separately. Tumble dry on low heat. Do not allow it to sit wet in the basket, otherwise, it will wrinkle. After drying, fold the robe neatly or hang it.

Microfiber Fleece Robes

Machine wash in cold water and do not wash with towels. Dry on the air fluff cycle only and do not use any heat. You can also hang dry your microfiber robe rather than placing it in a dryer.

Terry Cloth Robes

Machine wash your terry robe/waffle robe on a delicate cycle with soft garments and never with any hard edges such as zippers, as this could damage the robe. Wash any dark colors separately. Use only non-chlorine bleach (when applicable). Dry your plush terry cloth robe on medium heat with a gentle cycle.

Which Type of Detergent Should I Use To Wash My Robe?

Always use a mild detergent when machine washing your robe and try to use detergents with gentle ingredients rather than harsh chemicals. Never use a fabric softener. Fabric softeners can damage your robe since robes from Plush Necessities are already very soft.

Avoid using too much detergent with your dressing gowns - use half a cup or less, depending on how much laundry you are washing at once. You can also use dryer balls if preferred when drying your robe to help it dry more evenly.

The Best Luxury Robes For Men From Plush Necessities

Robes are the ultimate gift of luxury and relaxation. We offer the perfect robes for both men and women all year round. We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all, which is why we offer several sizes to choose from to get you the best fit possible. At Plush Necessities, our robes provide incredible softness and undeniable quality consisting of detailed craftsmanship and durability.

Find out what sets our robes apart.

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