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Bathrobe and Slipper Set

Nothing says luxury like a bathrobe and slipper set. Treat yourself or a loved one with this timeless gift that can be enjoyed year-round. Whether it's starting the day off right or unwinding in the evening, these cozy essentials are a must-have.

Bathrobe and Slippers

Get The Most Out Of Your Robe and Slippers

Bathrobes and matching slippers are great for wearing when you get out of bed each morning, but they are also perfect for wearing during many other daily occasions: 

  • After showering or taking a bath
  • During your evening routine
  • While lounging at home on a weekend
  • Anytime you’re feeling chilly and need extra warmth without a bulky sweater
  • While drinking your morning coffee or afternoon tea
  • Going to the spa or hotel getaway
  • Offering robes and slippers to family and friends when they come to visit

Pairing Your Robe With Slippers

Pairing your cozy robe with soft slippers will take your comfort to the next level. Slippers provide your feet with extra warmth and cushioning - a simple luxury that enhances your relaxation at home. 

Choose a slipper set that matches the material of your robe. For example, our Plush Signature Robe pairs perfectly with our Plush Signature Slippers. You’ll be so comfortable after sliding into a robe and slipping into slippers, that you might want to stay in them forever.

Which Robe Is Best For You

Our Robe Comparison Guide can help you determine which robe is best for your needs. When it comes to robe sizing, keep in mind that robes should not be one size fits all. At Plush Necessities, our robes are designed to be full-length. This means they should fall anywhere between your lower calf and ankle area. Where exactly the robe falls will depend on your height, size of the robe and style of the robe. 

Bathrobe & Slipper Set Gift Considerations

A bathrobe and slipper set makes for the perfect gift any time of year. Here are a few key things to keep in mind when choosing the best robe and slipper combination as a gift:

  • Personal Style: Consider the person’s personal style. If they typically prefer luxury items, the Luxe Robe with Luxe Slippers might be the best choice for them. Or if they tend to enjoy more casual comfort, consider the Hooded Robe with Plush Dream Terry Slippers
  • Size: Get a general idea of their shoe size so you know which slipper size will fit them. 
  • Color Preferences: Consider their favorite colors to wear when choosing the color of their robe and slippers. You can choose matching colors in the robe and slippers or slightly different color tones if they prefer more flair in their loungewear.