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Discover Luxury in Microfiber Robes

Microfiber Fleece Robes

The synthetic polyester fiber is tiny—about one sixteenth the size of a human hair. That’s why it’s called microfiber. But it could also justifiably be called miraclefiber because of its durability, practicality, and versatility. When it was first introduced in the mid-1980s, its main use was for upholstery and furniture coverings. The way in which it holds dye better than cotton or linen, along with its stain resistant properties made it a desirable choice for furniture that was attractive, durable, and low maintenance. Then, because of its absorbent properties, microfiber became the fiber of choice for cleaning materials such as mops, rags, and cleaning cloths. Ultimately, finally, someone figured out that the thin but resilient fiber could be woven into a soft luxury fabric, and the microfiber robe was born.

The extravagant look and feel of microfiber robes is so alluring, day spas and 5 star hotels supply them to their guests to enhance the feeling of indulgence. After a spell in the hot tub, a session with the massage therapist, a few laps around the pool, or a relaxing bubble bath, the natural wicking properties of a microfiber terry robe help you to complete the drying off process with no extra effort. And the microfiber terry fabric is naturally mold and mildew resistant, so even if you don’t wash it every time you use it at home, you’ll never have to suffer that nasty mildew smell.

Besides resisting mold and mildew, microfiber robes are also stain resistant. So don’t worry if you spill your hot cocoa on a winter morning or your red wine on a summer evening. Just treat it, toss it in the washing machine, tumble it dry, and it comes out looking not only spanking clean, but also just as soft and fluffy as it was when it was brand new.

People who actually own a microfiber plush robe can’t say enough about how much they love the sensuous quality and plushness. Both men and women appreciate its easy care and the effortless way it maintains its shape after exercise sessions, or Sunday morning wrestling matches with the kids, or repeated trips through the laundry.

Whether it is made from terry cloth or a plush fleece fabric, a microfiber robe makes a great gift for anyone. But wouldn’t it be nice to treat yourself to that comfort and luxury? After all, everyone needs to steal some “me-time” out of their busy schedule and enjoy a little pampering!

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