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Spa Robe - or Ahhh Robe?

Spa Robes for Women

Anyone who’s ever enjoyed the experience of a day at the spa (or a weekend, or a week) knows what a pleasurable, tranquil experience it can be to spend a little time pampering yourself and investing in your own well-being. But inevitably, the time spent at the spa has to end, and you find yourself back in the real world. But does it really have to stop there? Not entirely—not if you have your very own spa robe!

Why make a spa experience a once-in-a-while diversion? The real benefits come from taking care of yourself on regular basis, even day-to-day, if you have the time. With an absorbent, lightweight spa robe, you already have the main component of a spa experience in your own home, even if you’ve never actually had the pleasure of being at a spa. With just a little planning, you can create or re-create the experience of a luxurious facial, an aroma-therapy session, even a mineral bath--all without going to a high-end resort and plunking down a hefty portion of your hard-earned cash. If you have a willing partner, you can even exchange stress-relieving massages—one for her, one for him.

The spa robes that are available for home use were actually modeled after the spa robes used at high-end resorts. They’re designed to afford maximum comfort and tranquility. They’re lightweight, and they don’t have the bulkiness of some other robes. They provide plenty of coverage so that modesty can be maintained before and after massage therapy and other treatments that require a minimum of clothing. (The bare minimum, you could say!) The outer shell is made of the softest, plushest microfiber fabric available, and lined with a terry cotton blend for maximum absorbency. The high-quality construction of today’s spa robes ensure that they will last through countless trips to the beach, the pool, the bathtub, or the washer-dryer. Oh—and of course, the spa.

Just think of the gift-giving possibilities! You could delight that special someone with a spa robe and your own home-made salt scrub in a beautiful jar. Or how about a manicure set—and a spa robe? Maybe surprise them with a fragrant bubble bath, candles, a romantic novel, a wine glass—and a spa robe. If you really want to go all out, you could get a gift certificate to an actual spa and—well, you know. The possibilities are virtually unlimited. But when you’re treating others to such a special gift of serenity and well-being, don’t forget to look out for number 1!

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