Full Length Robes Provide Maximum Comfort

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Full Length Robes

While short robes are comfortable and a great choice, people who want ultimate coverage should consider going with full length robes. In addition to better coverage, these robes provide better warmth and comfort by protecting the entire body. Of course, people living in cold climates love long robes, making getting out of bed or the shower a more enjoyable experience.

For even more coverage, ankle lengths robes with a hood are ideal for keeping the body warm and dry. After spending time at the pool, in a hot tub, shower, or bath, slipping into a full robe with a hood provides better warmth. Then, if a person wants an even greater feel, she might look at long robes made of plush microfiber, which is soft, stain and mildew resistant, and lightweight enough to wear around the house.

Most people who are looking for floor length robes are looking for a robe that provides full coverage from the cold. Therefore, when shopping for such a robe, be sure to look at the measurements. The most common full length robes are 52 inches long. But if you are petite, you might want to take measurements of your height to ensure you don’t buy a robe that will drag on the floor. Some manufacturers will have the same length regardless of the size of the robe while some will vary the length depending on the size of the robe. So again, be sure to read the size chart carefully when shopping for a full length robe.

Lastly, since getting full coverage in a robe is the main focus, also pay special attention to the “sweep” (the circumference or girth) of the robe. You want to ensure that the robe is generous enough so that it covers your body when you are moving.

Ankle length robes are great for lounging around. After a busy day at work or school, you could throw on a fluffy long robe and then simply relax on the sofa with a book or while watching a favorite movie. Not to mention that full length robes can also help save on heating bills.