The Many Benefits of Microfiber Robes

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Microfiber Robes

One of the most popular types of bathrobes is those made of microfibers. In addition to microfiber robes being used at home, this is a common material used in creating luxurious robes used at day spas. In addition to the fluffy, soft look and feel, bathrobes such as this also come with a long list of benefits.

Look and Feel – One of the benefits to choosing microfiber robes is that they look expensive but are actually very affordable. The overall look and feel of robes made with this fabric is fluffy and soft, making it a great gift idea.

Absorbency – Although many bathrobes are soft, not all are absorbent. However, microfiber robes are naturally capable of absorbing moisture, making them a perfect choice for people that spend time by the poolside, in the Jacuzzi, or for use after a shower or bath. Instead of the person walking around in a moist robe, microfiber robes offer a dry, comfortable feel.

Mold and Mildew Resistant – Since robes are commonly used after showering or bathing, the moisture seeps into the fiber and in some instances, mold and/or mildew develop. The benefit of microfiber robes is that this material is highly resistant to both mold and mildew so not only does the wearer have a soft, comfortable fit, they also never have to worry about health issues relating to mold and/or mildew.

Stain Resistant – When normal bathrobes get dirty, sometimes getting the stains out is tough. That means a brand new robe might feel great but it no longer looks new and clean. With microfiber robes, the material is better at resisting stains. Therefore, when the stain is treated with a stain remover and laundered, the stain comes out. This means the robe will not only look great but also it will also last much longer so the individual gets more from the money spent.