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How Often To Wash a Bathrobe

How Often to Wash a Bathrobe

Your bathrobe should be washed once per month. Avoid washing it more frequently, as this can damage your robe’s material and overall quality. Washing once every four weeks or so will keep your robe clean and hygienic without compromising its soft texture. 

How Do I Wash My Bathrobe?

Always follow the care instructions for your bathrobe. Most robes can be put on a delicate wash cycle and washed with a mild detergent. 

Be careful not to wash your bathrobe with too much detergent, as this can damage your robe’s quality and softness. Then place your robe in the dryer and tumble dry on low heat. 

While a tumble drying method can be used on most robes, it cannot be used on all robe materials. If your robe is made from plush microfiber fleece, you should place the dryer on the air fluff cycle and not use any heat. You can also try air drying it.

What If My Robe Has Stains?

If your robe has spills and stains on it and needs a good wash, then it’s usually okay to wash it in the washing machine more than once per month - as long as it isn’t being washed multiple times per month on a regular basis. 

But just because your robe has a stain or two doesn’t mean you need to toss it in the wash. You can try spot-cleaning the stain first to see if that works, which is similar to a hand wash. Spot-cleaning can usually work on terry cloth robes, linen robes, organic robes, plush microfiber fleece robes, and almost any robe material. All you need to do is dip a cloth or sponge in cold water or lukewarm water and gently blot the stain until it’s removed. Never rub the stain otherwise it will become worse. If water isn’t enough, you can add mild hand soap or dishwashing soap to the blotting. 

Avoid using any commercial cleaners, as this can damage the soft material of your bathrobe. 

Can I Use Fabric Softeners?

Avoid using fabric softeners, as the robes at Plush Necessities are already very soft and comfortable. 

How Do I Dry My Robe?

You can dry your robe in a dryer on low heat (to avoid shrinkage). You can also air dry your robe if it’s made from a microfiber fleece material. If you choose to air dry your bath robes, make sure to place them in direct sunlight. 

Benefits of Washing a Bathrobe Once Per Month

There are many reasons why it’s important to wash your robe, including:

Hygiene: Your robe comes into contact with oils, sweat, and skin cells from your body. Over time that can build up, so it’s important to wash your robe to keep it fresh. 

Odor Prevention: Using a robe daily or several days a week can lead to odors, so it’s important to wash it every few weeks so that it continues to smell nice. 

Stain Removal: While you can spot-clean minor stains on your bathrobe (as mentioned above), a regular wash in the washing clean gives it a deep clean. 

Comfort: A freshly washed robe feels extra soft and relaxing to wear. 

Appearance: By washing your robe, you’ll keep it looking extra clean and brand new.

In summary, wash your bathrobe once per month. Use a delicate cycle when washing and dry in a tumble dryer on low heat, unless it’s a microfiber fleece material in which case it should be placed on the air fluff cycle or air-dryed. If there’s a minor stain or spill, you can try spot-cleaning your robe. Always follow the specific care instructions for your robe. 

Luxury Bathrobes From Plush Necessities

Bathrobes are the ultimate gift of luxury and relaxation. We offer the perfect robes for both men and women all year round. We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all, which is why we offer several sizes to choose from to get you the best fit possible. At Plush Necessities, our robes provide incredible softness and undeniable quality consisting of detailed craftsmanship and durability. 

Get more tips on how to care for your robe and find out what sets our robes apart. 

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