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How To Wash a Bathrobe

Washing your Bathrobe

Washing your bathrobe helps to remove any stains and keeps it clean and hygienic. Learn the best tips below for how to wash a bathrobe.

How To Wash a Bathrobe

The exact way to wash your robe will depend on the specific type of robe you have:

Robes with Microfiber & Cotton-Poly Blend 

Machine wash with dark colors separately. Tumble dry on low heat. Do not allow it to sit wet in the basket, otherwise, it will wrinkle. After drying, fold the robe neatly or hang it. 

Microfiber Fleece Robes

Machine wash in cold water and do not wash with towels. Dry on the air fluff cycle only and do not use any heat. You can also hang dry your microfiber robe rather than placing it in a dryer. 

Terry Cloth Robes

Machine wash on a delicate cycle with soft garments and never with any hard edges such as zippers, as this could damage the robe. Wash any dark colors separately. Use only non-chlorine bleach (when applicable). Dry on medium heat with a gentle cycle. 

Waffle Weave Robes

Machine wash with cold or warm water, but make sure to wash dark colors separately. Use only non-chlorine bleach when needed for stains. Place your robe in a tumble dryer on low heat, use a gentle cycle. 

Organic Robes with Bamboo Viscose

Machine wash on a delicate wash cycle with soft garments. Never wash your organic robe with any rigid edges (such as zippers). Wash any dark colors separately. Tumble dry on low heat, with a gentle cycle. 

Which Type of Detergent Should I Use To Wash My Robe?

Always use a mild detergent when machine washing your robe and try to use detergents with gentle ingredients rather than harsh chemicals. Never use a fabric softener. Fabric softeners can damage your robe since robes from Plush Necessities are already very soft and plush. Avoid using too much detergent - it’s best to use half a cup or less, depending on how much laundry you are washing at once. 

Can I Use Dryer Balls?

Yes, you can use dryer balls when drying your bathrobe to help it dry more evenly. 

How Do I Remove Stains From My Robe?

Sometimes spills and messes happen. Whether you have a terry cloth robe, organic robe, satin robe, linen robes, or a plush microfiber robe, there are a few ways you can remove stains from your robe. The first is by washing your robe with non-chlorine bleach and by following the specific wash/dry instructions for your robe’s material. Another option is to spot-clean the stain with a clean cloth or sponge - dip it in cold water and gently blot the stain. Never rub when trying to remove any spills, as this can make the stain worse. 

If water doesn’t work when spot-cleaning, try using a mild soap (such as dish soap or hand soap). Gently blot the stain with the soapy water, then rinse. Some people try to use distilled white vinegar rather than soap, but this can potentially ruin your robe’s quality. 

Avoid using any commercial cleaners, as this can damage the soft material of your bathrobe. 

Do I Need To Wash My Robe Before First Use?

Yes, it’s always a good idea to wash your robe before wearing it for the first time. This helps to make the robe extra clean and comfortable before use. It also helps to make the material even more plush and soft. Lastly, washing your robe when you first receive it is important because it can help prevent any potential color transfer onto other clothing. 

Just make sure to always follow the care instructions for your specific robe and wash with similar colors (never dark colors). 

How Often Should I Wash My Bathrobe?

If you wear your robe regularly (several times per week), you should consider washing your bathrobe once per month. You don’t need to wash your robe more often than this, as too much washing can damage the material of your robe. 

Storing Your Robe

When it comes to storing your robe after washing it, you want to make sure your robe is stored neatly. You can either hang it or fold it, but never leave it lying in a basket or on the floor. This will cause wrinkles and impact the material and overall quality of your robe. 

If hanging your bathrobe, hang it in a well-ventilated area where it has direct sunlight. Avoid hanging robes made from delicate material for too long (days or weeks) as they can lose their shape. 

Folding is one of the better options for most types of bathrobes. Make sure to fold the robe neatly along the seams. Never fold your robe when it is still wet - it needs to be completely dry. If your robe has a belt loop, you can gently wrap the belt around the robe after folding it. 

Luxury Bathrobes From Plush Necessities

Bathrobes are the ultimate gift of luxury and relaxation. We offer the perfect robes for both men and women all year round. We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all, which is why we offer several sizes to choose from to get you the best fit possible. At Plush Necessities, our robes provide incredible softness and undeniable quality consisting of detailed craftsmanship and durability. 

Find out what sets our robes apart. 

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