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Terry Robe: The Best Gift you can Buy Her

Terry Bathrobes

Although many new fabrics have been developed in recent years for making robes, terry robes have remained one of the most popular choices. Not only is this a beautiful choice but the material is also absorbent. The person wearing terry robes loves the comfort and the fabric has a bonus of keeping moisture away from the body.

Many terry cloth bathrobes are made with a blend of bamboo, which creates the softest and silkiest look and feel possible. In fact, terry robes made with bamboo have similar luster to silk but without the expense or cleaning effort. Therefore, some people will go with terry cloth robes that use at least 50% bamboo added but even if the robe were made from 100% terry cloth, it would still be soft and supple.

Everyone loves a soft, fluffy, and absorbent robe, which is the quality of high quality terry cloth. This material is lightweight and available in different grades. Typically, the denser or heavier terry robes are the best for everyday use. However, for a spa robe, most people should consider something lighter, which is more practical since the robe is worn directly on the body and not over clothing. The key in choosing a terry robe is finding one that is the perfect balance of softness but also weight. For a spa robe, anything under four pounds would be ideal. Anything heavier would likely be uncomfortable, especially with the added weight of moisture from the body.

Regardless of the exact blend chosen for terry robes, one needs to choose a color and style that would be appreciated by the recipient. For instance, some women prefer a more simple style of robe while others love ruffles and frills. The same would be true for colors in that when buying terry robes, the woman’s favorite color should be considered. This could be a robe in a solid feminine color or one with a beautiful embroidered design.

Finally, some women love terry cloth robes that are long and full-length. If the woman lives in a colder region, or would be using the robe for extra cover up perhaps when going to the hospital, then the ankle length or full-length option would be best.  We have observed that most women prefer full length robes with generous overlap.  The overlap is especially important when she is sitting down.  Robes without generous overlap will tend to split open at the bottom half of the robe which will expose the lower legs - losing coverage and warmth.  So when shopping for a terry robe for a woman, pay close attention to the overlap or the "sweep" or width of the robe.  She will thank you for it!

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