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Bamboo Terry Robes Provide Pure Softness

Bamboo Terry Robes

Many people do not realize that some bathrobes are made from bamboo. Today, robes made with this material have become increasing popular and for a number of reasons. For one thing, more and more people are working hard to improve the environment by saving forests. Since bamboo is a harvested grass, the plant itself is never destroyed. Instead, bamboo is cut and the grass reproduces to maturity in about five years, which means that bamboo terry robes are a type of “green” material, one that is completely biodegradable.

Additionally, bamboo terry robes are luxurious, with a soft and fluffy look and feel. Anyone receiving a robe such as this is getting only the finest. In fact, while the price is not overly high, bamboo robes look and feel like a million bucks so for the person that appreciates the finer things in life or someone who simply wants to be pampered, bamboo robes are the ideal choice.

Interestingly, bamboo terry robes are also very easy to care for in that they do not require any type of special cleaning. Robes of this type can simply be machined washed and dried while retaining a new look and without worry of the robe losing any of the fluffy softness. Without doubt, bamboo terry robes are the perfect gift for a man or woman.

To make bamboo bathrobes, a starchy pulp is taken from the leaves and stems of the plant. Using a special process known as hydrolysis alkalization and going through multiple bleaching processes, the outcome is a versatile material that is ideal for towels and robes. The fabric is 100% bamboo, which is turned into yarn. A benefit when used to make bamboo robes is that the material is highly moisture resistant.

People are also discovering that bamboo terry robes can breathe better than other materials, so they are much cooler. The reason is that these robes are made with a cross-section design filled with different micro-holes and gaps for the ultimate in ventilation. This coupled with the ability for bamboo robes to absorb moisture within seconds has made it one of the best options available.

Bamboo terry robes also have a unique fit, making this a more comfortable choice. Robes such as this drape over the body rather than hug and stick to the skin. Additionally, these robes come in beautiful colors and designs so there is something for every person. Although bamboo bathrobes are excellent regardless of climate, because of the coolness of the fabric, they have become a favorite purchase for people living in hotter regions.

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