The Plush Robe - a Wearable Hug

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Plush Robes

The second-month anniversary of her first date with Craig, he surprised her with a gift. Christina groaned inwardly as she pondered the possibilities that lay concealed inside the beautifully wrapped package. Too large for jewelry or perfume—it was probably some kind of sexy lingerie. While she appreciated such gestures, she was getting a little tired of the thinking that usually went behind them. Too many of these gestures were just demands in disguise—always suggestive, and sometimes downright provocative. Why don’t men see me as more than just another pretty face? Christina thought. Oh well, here goes.

Smiling bravely at Craig, Christina took a deep breath, unwrapped the gift, lifted the lid from the box, and—squealed with delight! Nestled among the layers of tissue paper was the softest, most luxurious garment she had ever touched: a beautiful plush robe! Instantly, Christina lifted the robe out of the box and tried it on. (It was a perfect fit.) Immediately she was enjoying the sensation of two hugs, one from Craig, and one from the plush robe.

OK. Admittedly it’s true that, every once in a while, women do enjoy receiving a little something shiny or sexy. But there’s a totally different message associated with the gift of a plush robe. It says, “I really care about you, and I want you to feel warm, comfortable, happy, and loved.” What woman wouldn’t respond to a sincere sentiment like that? Especially when it has pockets, as a plush robe does!

Plush robes come in a variety of colors to appeal to every taste, and they’re cut to fit like a snuggly, comfortable embrace. The soothing softness and pampering sense of luxury let her know that she’s truly special.

Or him! Who says men don’t need a welcoming, indulgent escape now and then? Plush robes for men are just as welcoming, just as pampering as they are for women. After a hard day on the job, men need the familiar feeling of comfortable leisure time just as much as women do!

◊ ◊ ◊

On the 12-month anniversary of their first date, Christina and Craig exchanged their marriage vows at a simple ceremony with friends and family. Christina gave her bridesmaids plush robes as thank you gifts, and, of course, Craig had a plush robe of his own to take on their honeymoon to Aruba. Odds are, Christina and Craig are going to live happily (and comfortably) ever after!