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Bathrobe . . . or Lifestyle?

Bathrobe . . . or Lifestyle?

Life can be very demanding. The average man or woman spends eight or more hours every day navigating the rat race and wondering if it’s worth it. When they get home, she kicks off her fashionable but excruciating high heels, he sheds the choking necktie, they slip into their bathrobes and, ahh—life is good! That’s what the magic of a cozy, comfortable bathrobe can do for a frazzled spirit.

For people who need a regular escape from the hubbub of this crazy world, there’s nothing more inviting than that good ol’ standby, the bathrobe. It offers warmth when you’re cold, modesty and absorbency at tub side or poolside, coziness on the couch in front of the TV, or tranquility on the back porch in the chair swing. It’s all about comfort.

There are some times when bathrobes get a bad rap. People tend to think of frumpy housewives in those old situation comedies with curlers in their hair, floppy slippers, and a shabby, oversized bathrobe. Fast-forward to the early 1980s, and the movie Pretty Woman. When Julia Roberts steps out to meet Richard Gere for breakfast, her sleep-tousled curls cascading over the shoulders of her pristine-white hotel bathrobe, the image is anything but frumpy.

The whole idea behind a bathrobe is comfort. So it’s constructed in a completely non-constricting style with long, roomy sleeves, a self-fabric tie belt, and patch pockets. The bathrobe can be cut long, down to the ankles, or a little shorter, at about mid-calf. Some robes go even shorter, to a few inches above the knees.

Comfort is the most important criterion in the selection of fabric for bathrobes. The types of preferred fabric range from highly absorbent natural cotton to luxurious, lush microfiber. Some fabric blends might also be chosen for their super plush, super luxurious qualities. Many varieties of fabric textures are also available, with terrycloth and waffle weave among the most popular.

Historically, the design of the bathrobe can probably be traced back to biblical times, when both men and women wore robe-like garments as everyday attire. The style was carried into more modern times by people in Asian countries. At some point, the basic concept was deemed ideal for preserving modesty after bathing, and the bathrobe as we know it was born.

When spas and high-end hotels began providing them to their guests, the familiar, cozy bathrobe became a high-demand luxury item. But why limit the pampering experience to a few days on vacation? More and more, people are indulging themselves and their loved ones with the tangible gift that delivers an intangible bonus: sumptuous comfort.

Discover Luxury in Microfiber Robes

Discover Luxury in Microfiber Robes

The synthetic polyester fiber is tiny—about one sixteenth the size of a human hair. That’s why it’s called microfiber. But it could also justifiably be called miraclefiber because of its durability, practicality, and versatility. When it was first introduced in the mid-1980s, its main use was for upholstery and furniture coverings. The way in which it holds dye better than cotton or linen, along with its stain resistant properties made it a desirable choice for furniture that was attractive, durable, and low maintenance. Then, because of its absorbent properties, microfiber became the fiber of choice for cleaning materials such as mops, rags, and cleaning cloths. Ultimately, finally, someone figured out that the thin but resilient fiber could be woven into a soft luxury fabric, and the microfiber robe was born.

The extravagant look and feel of microfiber robes is so alluring, day spas and 5 star hotels supply them to their guests to enhance the feeling of indulgence. After a spell in the hot tub, a session with the massage therapist, a few laps around the pool, or a relaxing bubble bath, the natural wicking properties of a microfiber terry robe help you to complete the drying off process with no extra effort. And the microfiber terry fabric is naturally mold and mildew resistant, so even if you don’t wash it every time you use it at home, you’ll never have to suffer that nasty mildew smell.

Besides resisting mold and mildew, microfiber robes are also stain resistant. So don’t worry if you spill your hot cocoa on a winter morning or your red wine on a summer evening. Just treat it, toss it in the washing machine, tumble it dry, and it comes out looking not only spanking clean, but also just as soft and fluffy as it was when it was brand new.

People who actually own a microfiber plush robe can’t say enough about how much they love the sensuous quality and plushness. Both men and women appreciate its easy care and the effortless way it maintains its shape after exercise sessions, or Sunday morning wrestling matches with the kids, or repeated trips through the laundry.

Whether it is made from terry cloth or a plush fleece fabric, a microfiber robe makes a great gift for anyone. But wouldn’t it be nice to treat yourself to that comfort and luxury? After all, everyone needs to steal some “me-time” out of their busy schedule and enjoy a little pampering!

Spa Robe - or Ahhh Robe?

Spa Robe - or Ahhh Robe?

Anyone who’s ever enjoyed the experience of a day at the spa (or a weekend, or a week) knows what a pleasurable, tranquil experience it can be to spend a little time pampering yourself and investing in your own well-being. But inevitably, the time spent at the spa has to end, and you find yourself back in the real world. But does it really have to stop there? Not entirely—not if you have your very own spa robe!

Why make a spa experience a once-in-a-while diversion? The real benefits come from taking care of yourself on regular basis, even day-to-day, if you have the time. With an absorbent, lightweight spa robe, you already have the main component of a spa experience in your own home, even if you’ve never actually had the pleasure of being at a spa. With just a little planning, you can create or re-create the experience of a luxurious facial, an aroma-therapy session, even a mineral bath--all without going to a high-end resort and plunking down a hefty portion of your hard-earned cash. If you have a willing partner, you can even exchange stress-relieving massages—one for her, one for him.

The spa robes that are available for home use were actually modeled after the spa robes used at high-end resorts. They’re designed to afford maximum comfort and tranquility. They’re lightweight, and they don’t have the bulkiness of some other robes. They provide plenty of coverage so that modesty can be maintained before and after massage therapy and other treatments that require a minimum of clothing. (The bare minimum, you could say!) The outer shell is made of the softest, plushest microfiber fabric available, and lined with a terry cotton blend for maximum absorbency. The high-quality construction of today’s spa robes ensure that they will last through countless trips to the beach, the pool, the bathtub, or the washer-dryer. Oh—and of course, the spa.

Just think of the gift-giving possibilities! You could delight that special someone with a spa robe and your own home-made salt scrub in a beautiful jar. Or how about a manicure set—and a spa robe? Maybe surprise them with a fragrant bubble bath, candles, a romantic novel, a wine glass—and a spa robe. If you really want to go all out, you could get a gift certificate to an actual spa and—well, you know. The possibilities are virtually unlimited. But when you’re treating others to such a special gift of serenity and well-being, don’t forget to look out for number 1!

Luxury Robes - Timeless, Seasonless

Luxury Robes - Timeless, Seasonless

“A slight daily unconscious luxury is hardly ever wanting to the dwellers in civilization; like the gentle air of a genial climate, it is a perpetual minute enjoyment.” --Walter Bagehot

Wow—Walter kind of said it all, didn’t he? OK, maybe this quote worked in the 19th century, but these days a lot of us wouldn’t even get it. Nowadays we’d be more likely to say something like, “Having a few little luxuries in our daily lives is part of what makes living worthwhile.” Take a luxury robe, for instance. Without spending a whole lot of money, you can enjoy the softness of cashmere, the warmth of mink (without killing an animal), and the coziness of a ski lodge in the Alps.

A robe? Luxury? Really?

While most people don’t usually place luxury robes in the same category as sable and diamonds, there is a certain quality in the right kind of luxury robe that makes you feel as if you have everything you could possibly want wrapped around your body. With today’s technologies, the old standby materials like cotton terrycloth have been elevated to a whole new level of softness and comfort. By introducing newcomer textiles such as microfiber and bamboo-based rayon to the options for construction, the luxury robe has achieved the nirvana of indulgence.

Unlike some of those “other” luxury items, a luxury robe is actually very practical. It can be your go-to item on a winter morning to ward off goose bumps, or it could be the soothing item you turn to when the spring rains get to be just a little too dreary. For the summer, a luxury robe is absorbent and light enough to wear after a swim or a Jacuzzi; and it’s just right for watching the autumn winds chasing the leaves across the yard. If you spill your coffee on it, you can just throw it into the washer, tumble it dry, and put it right back on to experience the same soft, fluffy comfort you wore when your luxury robe was brand new.

The softness, luxury, and practicality of a luxury robe make it a gift that would be deeply appreciated by everyone: a sense of home for a college student heading off to the dorm; the perfect snuggle factor for a new mother; or a soothing wrap for someone who’s experiencing health issues. It’s the ultimate “feel-good” gesture. Walter Bagehot obviously knew the importance of everyday luxuries in his time—too bad he was born too early to know about luxury robes!

The Plush Robe - a Wearable Hug

The Plush Robe - a Wearable Hug

The second-month anniversary of her first date with Craig, he surprised her with a gift. Christina groaned inwardly as she pondered the possibilities that lay concealed inside the beautifully wrapped package. Too large for jewelry or perfume—it was probably some kind of sexy lingerie. While she appreciated such gestures, she was getting a little tired of the thinking that usually went behind them. Too many of these gestures were just demands in disguise—always suggestive, and sometimes downright provocative. Why don’t men see me as more than just another pretty face? Christina thought. Oh well, here goes.

Smiling bravely at Craig, Christina took a deep breath, unwrapped the gift, lifted the lid from the box, and—squealed with delight! Nestled among the layers of tissue paper was the softest, most luxurious garment she had ever touched: a beautiful plush robe! Instantly, Christina lifted the robe out of the box and tried it on. (It was a perfect fit.) Immediately she was enjoying the sensation of two hugs, one from Craig, and one from the plush robe.

OK. Admittedly it’s true that, every once in a while, women do enjoy receiving a little something shiny or sexy. But there’s a totally different message associated with the gift of a plush robe. It says, “I really care about you, and I want you to feel warm, comfortable, happy, and loved.” What woman wouldn’t respond to a sincere sentiment like that? Especially when it has pockets, as a plush robe does!

Plush robes come in a variety of colors to appeal to every taste, and they’re cut to fit like a snuggly, comfortable embrace. The soothing softness and pampering sense of luxury let her know that she’s truly special.

Or him! Who says men don’t need a welcoming, indulgent escape now and then? Plush robes for men are just as welcoming, just as pampering as they are for women. After a hard day on the job, men need the familiar feeling of comfortable leisure time just as much as women do!

◊ ◊ ◊

On the 12-month anniversary of their first date, Christina and Craig exchanged their marriage vows at a simple ceremony with friends and family. Christina gave her bridesmaids plush robes as thank you gifts, and, of course, Craig had a plush robe of his own to take on their honeymoon to Aruba. Odds are, Christina and Craig are going to live happily (and comfortably) ever after!