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Spa Robes - Perfect His and Hers Wedding Gift

Spa Robes - Perfect His and Hers Wedding Gift

If there’s a wedding coming up, and you need an idea for a gift that will be truly appreciated by both the bride and the groom, how about a pair of his and her spa robes? It’s a great gift for starting a couple out on the road to wedded bliss—and comfort! It’s practical, like all those gifts for cooking, cleaning, and decorating, but it’s so much more personal.

While blenders, toasters, and can openers will come in handy for specific purposes, sleek, all around matching his and hers spa robes offer so many more possibilities. Fine spa robes, like the ones used at 5-star spas and resorts, combine two robes in one dual-layer luxury robe. While the outer layer is made of the softest imaginable brushed microfiber, the inner shell is a plush, absorbent cotton-polyester terry. So the robes are perfect for taking on the honeymoon for his and her massages, afternoons by the pool, and for getting ready for an evening out after a luxurious bubble bath or invigorating shower. Spa robes absorb moisture, then they dry without developing a musty odor, ready for the next time.

After the honeymoon, the spa robes will be a favorite part of everyday activities for years. The medium-weight comfort provides coverage and warmth, without being too hot. The couple will find that their spa robes are perfect for getting ready for the day, or for putting the day behind them. And they’ll be their go-to items for relaxing on the weekends. They’re easy care, so they resist stains, and they’ll retain their original shape and comfort even after years of washing and drying.

Spa robes make gift giving a hassle-free experience since there’s no need to visit a particular store where the couple is registered, find out what’s left on their list that’s also in your budget, and make a choice. Moreover, spa robes don’t have to complement a certain color scheme or décor, they’re not going to break, and, with seven sizes ranging from x-small to xxx-large, it’s easy to choose a pair that will fit the couple perfectly. You can even find the spa robes you’re looking for online, make the purchase, and have them shipped directly to the happy couple. If you search diligently, there are even some vendors who offer a discount for buying a couples’ set. You won’t even need to break a sweat. What a thoughtful gift! After all, beginning a life together is about more than pots and pans. After all the stress of planning a wedding, the couple will truly appreciate something that says, “OK. Now take a little time to relax. Both of you.”

If the upcoming nuptials are yours, you’re probably hoping some of your guests will read this article. (Maybe you can discreetly forward it to someone.) But here’s another idea—wouldn’t these spa robes make a great “thank you” for the members of your wedding party? It’s something different, something that won’t be likely to be put on a shelf or in a drawer and forgotten. And something that will be truly appreciated and commemorative of a very special occasion.

Luxury Hotel Robes for the Home - A Great Indulgence

Luxury Hotel Robes for the Home - A Great Indulgence

A stay in a luxury hotel is a memorable, pampering experience. The pristine cleanliness, the luxury, the relaxation. Somehow, luxury hotels just seem to know which buttons to push to make their guests feel like they’re the center of the universe. Their goal is to provide all the amenities of home, plus some indulgences to make sure that their guests are happy away from home. Like their luxury hotel robes.

What a pleasure it is to step out of the immaculate tub or shower of your hotel bathroom and slip into the sumptuous comfort of these hotel robes. Luxury hotels don’t skimp on quality, and they know the types of niceties their guests appreciate. While the hotel robes aren’t usually made to fit each guest (but they can be—more on that later), they are not only fashionably and elegantly designed, they’re also practical. Because the robes have to be laundered constantly, they need to be durable enough to stand up to that kind of treatment, and resilient enough to maintain their shape and their luxurious, plush texture.

Unfortunately, some integrity-impaired guests actually try to take the hotel robes away with them when they leave, but the hotel usually will notice, and add a hefty charge to their credit card. That seems a shame and a waste of effort, since it is possible to purchase hotel robes for yourself, and with a little research, you can find one that not only has all the best features of the hotel robes, you can actually choose features to suit your personal preferences.

The best way to find the hotel robes of your dreams is to begin an online search. If you use the search terms “luxury hotel robes,” you’ll find plenty of sites to explore. Many of the sites will actually be affiliated to major hotel chains. If you’re interested in the specific styles of robes at a particular hotel, you might check that hotel’s website. If they don’t offer the robes for sale themselves, they may offer information on their source.

There are also other websites where you can find robes of the same quality as those wonderful hotel robes. If you use the right search terms, you should have no problem finding what you’re looking for. If you prefer a robe that’s lightweight and absorbent as well as soft and warm, you might want to try search terms like “spa robes,” “dual layer robes, or “terry robes”. If warmth, softness, and luxury are your primary concerns, try the terms “luxury robes,” “plush robes,” and “microfiber robes” or “bamboo robes”.

Without leaving home, you’ll find lots of sites where you can shop for the robe that suits your needs. Plush Necessities robes are the same high quality robes that are found at 5-star luxury hotels and resorts! The only difference is, you can choose a robe in a size that fits you, a style you like, in your favorite color. And while you’re indulging yourself, think about your loved ones. Chances are, there’s someone in your life who will enjoy a little pampering, too!

One Size Fits - Who, Exactly?

One Size Fits - Who, Exactly?

OK—Let’s take a survey. All those who love the concept of one-size-fits-all bathrobes, please raise your hands. Hmm. . .nobody? Oh wait—are those some hands going up, back there in the back? No, they’re just adjusting the sleeves of their robes. Looks like this survey scores a big fat zero.

That’s the whole point—one size does not fit all! How could it? When you look around, exactly who is one size? There are slim petites, comfortably average, and hearty plus sizes everywhere you look. How can manufacturers of one-size bathrobes claim to be able to satisfy everybody?

Well, they can’t. No way. In fact, it’s a pet peeve of consumers and fashion consultants alike that so many manufacturers provide their bathrobes in only one size or two or three combo sizes. And 9 out of 10 times, it’s not going to fit. The shoulder seams will fall off the shoulders, the sleeve cuffs will fall inches below the wrist, the waist will bunch up under the belt with too much bulky material, and the hem will drag the ground, getting ragged and soiled.

Or maybe the customer is more robust, and the robe’s sleeves don’t even quite reach the wrist, the robe won’t completely close over the middle, and it’s too short for decency. And how can anyone be comfortable in bathrobes that strain at the shoulder seams and across the back? They can’t—it’s not possible!

Admittedly, there is one logical reason for manufacturing one-size-fits-all robes. These days, travelers just don’t want to use up their luggage space by packing their bulky bathrobes, so a lot of hotels and spas provide robes for their guests. If they tried to accommodate every guest according to individual size and color preference, it would be an enormous, unmanageable job, not to mention outrageously expensive. So manufacturers that deal with these hospitality industries tried to identify an “average” person to fit into their bathrobes, and those are the robes they distribute to all these bulk-order customers. Unfortunately, some of those manufacturers are rather lazy, so they don’t try to please individual customers by offering them individual choices. They prefer to save the time and effort and just offer the one-size bathrobes to everyone. There’s the rub.

Fortunately, it is still possible to find robes that are suited to individual sizes and tastes. At Plush Necessities, you will find spa quality bathrobes that are soft, warm, luxurious, and sized to fit! There are varieties of robes available in 7 sizes, from X-small to XXX-large. Not only that, they also come in an array of colors, so you don’t have to settle for the same old hotel-white.

Whether you’re a man or woman, you do have the option of choosing the robe that is made to fit you—not some random “average” person, not some combo size like medium/large that might fit parts of you. There’s really no reason for anyone not to be able to try on a soft, comfortable robe in their favorite color and realize that it fits them—exactly.

Bathrobes as Holiday Gifts—Thoughtful, Meaningful, Delightful

Bathrobes as Holiday Gifts—Thoughtful, Meaningful, Delightful

Whether you observe your holidays with a twinkling, tinseled evergreen, the promising light of a menorah, or the warm glow of a kinara, December is a month for celebrating. It’s a meaningful time—full of the promise of joy, of family, of heritage, of wishes coming true. And of course, full of stress! All that planning, preparation, and shopping. And all those special people in your life for whom you want to choose the absolutely perfect gift, but you have no idea what that could be. You haven’t got the imagination—or the time—to find the right way to show them how much they mean to you!

Here’s an idea—bathrobes! Bathrobes would be a welcome gift to anyone on your list, large or small, elegant or laid-back, high-energy or couch potato. By choosing from a selection of different bathrobes to suit different personalities, you can get a gift that’s personal, thoughtful, and comfortable—one that they’ll appreciate more than a necktie or a scarf—and, if you like, you can shop right from your own home, no fighting traffic and crowds! You can actually find more time to enjoy your holiday!

Know someone who can use a little more comfort in their lives? Maybe a brand-new mom, a college student, or a hard-working wage slave who’d just like to do some hard-core relaxing when she’s at home. Out of all the different varieties of bathrobes, a Plush robe would probably be the best choice for them. It’s a light lounging robe, usually weighing in at only 2 pounds, and the plush bathrobes made out of a microfiber fleece fabric are especially soft, luxurious, and warm. Perfect for the chill of fall and winter.

If there are some multi-taskers on your list, dual-purpose bathrobes, or spa robes, would be good gifts for them. They’re dual purpose because they have a smooth, silky-soft exterior made of brushed microfiber twill fabric, and a lining of cotton/polyester terry for absorbency after a bath, swim, or workout. Even with the extra layer, it’s still only about 3 pounds, so you can still look sleek and elegant in one of these spa bathrobes. It’s the best all-around robe, and it’s the robe that 5-star resorts and spas use for their guests.

Maybe there’s someone on your list who appreciates a touch of practicality in his bathrobes. For that person, a super-absorbent terry robe would be a perfect gift. For anyone who wants to step into the shower, get clean, and step out, the sponge-like quality of terry bathrobes are so thirsty, you can even skip the bath towel! There are some varieties made from a cotton/rayon blend, where the rayon is created from bamboo fibers so that the bathrobes are not only absorbent, but soft, luxurious, and green! What a nice idea for the eco-conscious people on your gift list. And the bamboo fabric is naturally anti-bacterial, so that bathrobes made out of it won’t acquire that mildewy smell if they’re not dried right away.

With so many different possibilities, plus the fact that all bathrobes come in a selection of colors and sizes that will suit anyone, everyone will agree that bathrobes are the perfect gift. You’ll be pleased with your choices, and they’ll be thrilled. It puts the “happy” in Happy Holidays!